Tuesday, December 9, 2008

OpenNASA As My Sounding Board

I join other contributing authors at OpenNASA to put my opinions online about our space agency and national space exploration program. There I find a community of people with actions and words to improve our nation's space agency. I post there things that are off-agenda for actionforspace.com yet near and dear to my heart about the whys, hows, and whats of NASA.

Join me in the dialog at OpenNASA.com to bolster ourselves and the online space community in a safe and supportive online envirnoment.

I continue to issue calls to action at www.actionforspace.com, and continue to look for other authors to post here when opportunities for activism strike. However, when I feel like waxing philosophical, find me at OpenNASA.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

CNN Dumps Science Coverage, O'Brien

CNN is firing Miles O'Brien, along with the rest of the producers for their Science and Environment stories. Miles has been an award winning champion of Space in many formats, doing much to promote awareness of current events in Space.

CNN is doing this because you, the scientifically oriented person who is reading this very post right now, have not made your impact and readership known to them.

When the cost/profits analysis came in, they figured that you weren't worth Miles' salary. Correct them by sending them your feedback.

Tell them what a mistake it is to fire Miles and the other staff.

Taking a step back, think of the bigger reason that they have canned Miles. There are less people like you around, period. Engineering enrollment in universities are down, public interest in Space and Technology wanes, and government funding of the sciences is flat or dwindling, overall. We can help there too. If you have a technical job, tell your friends, family, and neighbors about why you love what you do and why it is important. If you don't have a technical job, get one (I'm only half-serious,) or take an opportunity to share your feelings with them.

America is run by the people. Media companies are run by the advertisements. Show the media that you want Science and Space coverage, so that their been counters put the beans back in Miles' paycheck.