Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Launch Cancellation

The New York Times has brought attention to the bleak future of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. This device was build at a cost of billions of dollars by scientists all over the world to detect evidence of antimatter and dark matter in the universe. Is was to be installed on the international space station.

With the squeeze on the remaining shuttle flights, launching this equipment has been struck from the manifest, causing an outcry from scientists the world over.

The SPACE Act (H.R.4837) has been put on the table by representative Weldon of Florida to provide for this launch, among other things.

Contact your senators and tell them specifically about the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. Tell them that either by voting and passing HR 4837 or by some other way, this hardware needs to be launched.Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

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