Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Boeing Executive Warns More Space Funding is Needed

Jim Albaugh, Head of Boeing's* defense business, warned that the United States will loose it's edge in Space to India and China unless the government gives more funding and leadership to the space program. Boeing is located in almost every state, so find out where they are located near you and visit your congressional representative to personally deliver Jim Albaugh's message along with your personal feelings and why space exploration funding matters to you and your state.

Boeing has developed and built that Space station, the Space Shuttle, and is developing the upper stage of the Ares 1 rocket. It has also won a study contract for the lunar lander and will compete for the full contract for the lunar lander as well as Ares V components. It is currently considering perusing further COTS work for the 2010 time frame.

*The Author of this post works for Boeing

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