Saturday, April 26, 2008

NASA Spinoff Magazine

I got my free copy of Spinoff Magazine in the mail today in a big orange envelope with the NASA logo on it. I told my wife it was my astronaut recruitment letter. She didn't believe me, but was interested as I pulled out the shiny thick glossy book/magazine that detailed the highlights of the spinoff related activities, products, and services that NASA has engaged in for 2007. About two weeks ago I requested it from NASA's Website.

Some of the more interesting items in my view include:
This list is my highlights list of NASA's highlights list for 2007. It shouldn't be too long before you see some of this in your sky mall catalog.

In any case, Tang, satellites, Velcro, and cordless tools don't impress people anymore. Get your copy of Spinoff today and really have something to say the next time someone says "Why would we spend all that money in space when we have problems here on earth?" You tell them why.

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