Saturday, April 26, 2008

CNN Headlines Candidates Weak Space Stance

CNN headlines the story: "Raw Politics: Candidates and the space race" about how Obama, Clinton, and McCain all have a soft stance on manned exploration. Tom Foreman, the writer for the story, emphasizes China's growing space prowess and writes "if space does not become a higher priority, the Chinese program will be on par with America's by the end of the next president's second term. Then, it will be a real race to Mars even if we want to join in."

Its good to see the issue getting some attention in the election, even if it isn't from the candidates. NASAWatch links to a video on the story.
Could CNN be trying to put it on the agenda after neglecting it in a series of debates earlier?
Tell the candidates about the story. Tell them it makes them look bad. Invite them to differentiate themselves.

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