Friday, April 11, 2008

Government Agencies Examine Satellite Component Trade Restrictions

The Defense Technology Security Administration and the National Security Space Office are examining the US munitions list to determine if some satellite components can be removed. Their reason for doing so now is because these items are now readily available on worldwide markets. When the US made it difficult for American satellite manufacturers to sell to customers oversees, foreign nations developed the technology themselves, often at a lower cost.

In hindsight, and in many people's foresight, this has not been a wise course of action. Not only are American manufacturers disadvantaged, but now other nations are developing technologies that they previously had to buy from the united states.

It is admirable that these agencies are reexamining the list, but it does not go far enough. Contact your congressman and tell them that the ITAR regulations need to be overhauled. Our risk averse strategy is bad for our space industry and doesn't protect us.

Learn more about ITAR.

Email, fax, call, and visit your Congressmen to share your thoughts on ITAR

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