Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Call to Arms in Huntsville!

Barack Obama is opening up a campign office in Huntsville in a few hours!

Go there and tell him (or his campaign people) that his space policy needs to be revised!

I went to his campaign office opening up in Seattle and there were 3 congressmen there. Odds are, there will be some of his endorsers in Huntsville and you can tell them face to face, as I did in Seattle, how important it is that they support and fund a more aggressive space exploration program.

The office, which will open to the public at 6 p.m., will serve as the headquarters for the Obama campaign's field operations in North Alabama, the campaign said.

The office is at 2227 Drake Ave., Building 27.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Obama say that he would cut funding for space exploration and devote it to education?

John Benac said...

Obama did say that! And the irony of it is that cutting NASA's budget would not nearly come close to paying for his education program. It would, however, go a long way to weaken the initiative of millions of children and young people to educate themselves, with the inspirational value of a potential carrear in spaceflight diminished.

That's why it is so important to contact Barack and tell him why he needs to give NASA more money, not less.

Anonymous said...

I just "Stumbled upon" this site!
Please all visitors do so and we can make a difference!

Anonymous said...

John, If i had known about the obama office opeing,i would have gone with you. I am here in seattle! But this is a good plan. Can you find out when other candidates are setting up shop?

I am going to have sketchy connections online this week, as i am on the road. Take care. mjl

Anonymous said...

he did say originally that he would redirect funding to education, but he has issued a revised policy...still not all that we are looking for, but better. I am in Huntsville and will go by tonight to check it out!

Anonymous said...

I'm an Obama supporter and I live in Huntsville! I was at the opening last night it was fabulous. The space program is indeed very important to my community and our country, and Obama has introduced a revised plan for the space program. However, we all have to remember that Congress will play a large role in the space program, especially funding, it's just not presidential initiative.

Barack Obama's Plan for American Leadership in Space:

Clarification on the Mars/Moon program (he still wants to delay that part by 5 years):

It might not be exactly what NASA would like to hear, but he will bring back a strong focus on science at NASA, which is music to my ears!

John Benac said...

Jennifer, You have a great opportunity to impact Obama's space policy. Register with actionforspace.com, and start getting involved with Obama's campaign so that you can get access to his policy people.

The livelihoods of you fellow Huntsville citizens depends on it!

We can worry about Congress later, but now Barack and his policy people need to be educated about the value of spaceflight. Jennifer, your community (online and in Huntsville) needs you!