Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And We Have Liftoff!

The space community had responded to the call and we are coming out en masse to make our voices heard in the Jan 30 and 31 politico debates in Los Angeles. Since Saturday night, the questions have flooded into for the CNN televised debate. Not only that, but the space questions have been voted to the top of both the Republican and Democratic debates. Wired has reported on our success.

What is different about this political movement from the space community is that it is not the traditional scramble to promote one space initiative over another, but it is an effort to promote space exploration in general to our would be political leaders.

Keep up the good work!

Even before those debates heat up, we have another opportunity to make our voices heard:

CNN's Wolf Blitzer has asked for suggestions to what he might ask. With almost 3000 suggestions as of this writing, I suspect that they might data mine the comments for common themes, so lets get our themes in the debate!

Continue submitting and voting for questions at

We need to band together, and watch out for more opportunities to flex our muscle. Email me or comment about other debates and opportunities to give feedback, so that I can post them here. In the meantime, check here for information about current legislation, threats to the community, and methods to contact our legislators to promote the most noble endeavor the human family has yet embarked on.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic work! Thanks. I've sent some mail your direction, and would love to brainstorm where we go from here.

John Benac said...

Awesome. We are really gaining traction, and as people from the community give feedback, the site improves to match their interests. For example, someone suggested yesterday that it would be nice to see a list of what all of the candidates' positions. We put up the link in the "information links" section.

Keep the feedback coming.