Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ProSpace "March Storm"

For those living close enough, there will be an activism event in Virginia on March 9th through 12th. ProSpace, an established non-profit with a history of promoting space initiatives in Washington DC, is spearheading yet another successful lobbying effort, but they need your participation:

"Because they've learned what the professional lobbyists know: the only effective way to be heard in Washington is to make your case in person."
ProSpace is a organizing entity for regular citizens to present their support to our elected officials. In past years, they have succeeded at lobbying specific bills and saw the results as these bills were passed!

Save March 9th on your calender for this event.

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Anonymous said...

I have been involved with PS for 2 years now. It is a great organization. It's new director, Frank is organized and effective. And this is a powerful experience, walking into the offices and meeting with congressmen and senators... YOu can tell that some of them "get" space, and why it matters... and most of them don't. Which is why it is so important for us to become active.

It is worth the planeride to DC, if anyone is interested.

There is another oppertunity, with a larger organization, in early February -

Take care. mjl