Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Mexico Space Voters, Start Your Engines

Spaceports blog reminds us that Tuesday is polling day for New Mexican Voters. Up for vote is a .25% increase in sales tax to pay for the New Mexico's Spaceport America, whose prime customer Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic.

Call your uncle, grandmother, or friend in Sierra County, New Mexico and remind them to get out and vote in favor of the tax. Or just pull up the directory and start cold calling. (I'm joking... but if you did do that, it would be kind of cool.) Tell them that the return on that investment will by far justify the expense.

Read Jack Kennedy's coverage on the story here, here, and here.


Anonymous said...

Great blog - really useful (thanks). I signed up for Virgin Galactic at the very beginning, but seem to have fallen down the pecking order. But I still say "vote!" to the people of New Mexico.

I've just posted a story that, over on the other side of the Atlantic, ESA is recruiting new astronauts. I'm definitely going to apply!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know!

Now if only I could move towards New Mexico in order to help convince the population why this is a good idea. ;-)


John Benac said...

Darnell, Don't worry about New Mexico. Its in the bag.

Congrats Keith on being in the pecking order at all! Can I be your backup?

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how the vote turned out? And, John, you probably spotted Alex also wants to be backup! I should say the more competition the merrier, but already my odds are very slim! We Europeans so rarely get the chance - surely if you ask nicely, NASA will let you go up in a shuttle?