Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bush Blasted for Weak Science Budget

President Bush was blasted by both sides of the isle for his lack luster 2009 science federal budget spending request. His budget was compared with the COMPETES act that he passed for the 110th Congress

Roscoe Bartlett, Republican from Maryland in the house, said "nothing you have mentioned in energy research is cutting-edge."

Bart Gordon, Democratic chair of the House Committee on Science and Technology said "What you've heard today from both sides of the aisle is that more of the same is not getting the job done."

Earlier responses from members on the Subcommittee on Space was similar.

Join your voice with those on the committee by emailing, faxing, calling, and visiting your Congressmen to demand they give president bush a 2009 budget to sign with a much higher budget for space exploration.

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