Monday, February 11, 2008

Weldon Successor Comes Into Focus

At 11 AM, Jim Greer, the Florida Republican Chairman, endorsed Bill Posey's bid for Weldon's spot in the House of Representatives. He also "authorized national fundraising groups to support Posey -- even in a primary. The decision effectively ends any chance of GOP infighting in the Space Coast district."

The Democratic contenders are Nancy Higgs, and Steve Blythe.

Steve Blyth on NASA:

"We need to look at NASA's priorities to strengthen NASA for the future. NASA needs to get back to its' core mission; life science research utilizing the International Space Station and deep space research such as that carried out by the Hubble Telescope and Chandra radio telescope. The goals of a manned station on the moon and manned flights to Mars are distractions and far too expensive given our crumbling bridges and the huge budget deficits the Bush administration is leaving us."
Nancy Higgs has no defined space policy.

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