Friday, January 18, 2008

Giuliani pledges to send astronauts to the moon and Mars

Giuliani stated boldly and unequivocally today his commintment to send humans to the Moon and Mars, among other things. He did this in response to an open invitation to the Economic Development Council of Florida’s Space Coast. Obama, Romney, Huckabee, McCain, Clinton, and Edwards have all received this invitation and not answered to it. The Florida primary isn't until Jan 29, so the other candidates will turn their attention to Florida after the primaries in Nevada and South Carolina are finished tomorrow.

When they turn their attention to florida, lets give them something to think about.

Tell them that they need to support spaceflight, tell them that they need to answer the invitation of the Economic Development Council of Florida’s Space Coast. Tell them your vote depends on it (It might...).


Anonymous said...

Mr. Benec: can you post the specific quote that indicates that Giuliani "boldly and unequivocally" supported a return to the Moon and Mars? The article you linked to contained no such statement from the candidate. Supporting closing the gap is not the same as supporting human missions to the Moon and Mars.

John Benac said...

It is incredible, I know, but he really has started of the candidate dialog on the matter with such strong words

L. Riofrio said...

Great reporting on this and other Space issues. Hopefully Space as an issue will finally make a difference in 008. I am part of a weekly "Carnival of Space." The deadline for entries is each Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

John, with Giuliani's public endorsement on McCain, continued support of G may make it into M's ear. We should continue the pressure here, even though he is not officially in the race. I have heard unofficial rumors that he might be considered as a VP running-mate. Traditionally, it is the VP that oversees NASA... So, support of G might give our efforts a boost.

Also, the "Carnival of Space" is a great tool for spreading news and awareness. Make sure you communicate with l.riofio, and send him the most important blog entries every week. The Carnival has a lot of influence.

Take care. mjl

p.s. nice redesign of the site... getting better all the time.