Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Space Becomes Primary Frontier as Candidates Court Voters"

They said it, Space has become a primary frontier as candidates court voters: "It is crude, but compelling, political arithmetic" You all, actionforspace readers, are part of that arithmetic!

This week is crunch time as the Florida primaries are coming up. If there ever was a time to speak up, it is now!

"The group hopes former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee will come this week. Only Arizona Sen. John McCain said no."

"So far, though, there is scant evidence that the voting public has tuned into space policy. . .the country is relatively content with how much money is being spent on space."

This week, especially if you live in Florida, California, Arizona, or South Carolina: be the discontented public.

Today, Tuesday, this is where you can go to make a difference (besides this website's fax and email links)

Clinton will be in Salinas, CA and
Clinton will be in Laveen, AZ.
Edwards will be in Conway, SC.
Giuliani will be in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.
Huckabee will be in Atlanta, GA.
McCain will be in Pensacola, FL and
McCain will be in Ft Walton Beach, FL and
McCain will be in New York City and
McCain will be in Orlando, FL.
Obama will be in Greenville, SC and
Obama will be in Lexington, SC and
Obama will be in Orangeburg, SC.
Romney will be in Boca Raton, FL and
Romney will be in Coral Springs, FL and
Romney will be in Naples, FL.

Get out of you chair!


colecurtis said...

Senator John McCain has always been a supporter of space exploration and until recently had influence on NASA as chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee. Although he did show some skepticism following President Bush’s announcement in January 2004, by August he stated, “I think it is not only visionary, but doable.” (McCarthy, John. “McCain Speech Packs in Crowd” Florida Today, August 5, 2004). This would be consistent with the reaction that members of The Mars Society received when they approached him during the 2000 presidential campaign: he seemed enthusiastic about the concept of humans to Mars.
I don't know where you get your information but Senator mcCain has always been a supporter of space exploration. you should know this if you are such a proponent for space exploration this article is in The Space Review.

John Benac said...

"So far only Arizona Senator John McCain, citing scheduling problems, has outright turned them down."

See this at


Call Senator McCain's office! The number is on the screen next to you! ask his office what they are doing regarding this!

I agree that McCain is generally a supporter of space, but he could be a bigger supporter, and he will be, if we tell him that we support it as well.

Anonymous said...

I am about to take a roadtrip to CA. Unfortunately, I will miss Clinton by 1 day...