Saturday, January 19, 2008

UPDATE: Time to put the Heat onto Romney

UPDATE: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who emerged as the favorite in Saturday's Nevada caucuses, also is now focused on Florida, with a daylong schedule of events Monday that begin in Jacksonville and later span Central Florida.

Romney is slated to be in downtown Orlando around 2 p.m., for an event at CNL Center One on South Orange Ave.

Mitt Romney is in Florida, where he meets with workers, then with participants in the Jacksonville Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade. Later, he holds "Change Begins with Us" tour stops in Daytona Beach and Titusville, and meets with aerospace industry executives in Cape Canaveral.

Orlando Readers, go tell Romney what you think at 2PM on South Orange Ave!

Mitt Romney won the Nevada primary this morning. He also accepted the same invitation that Giuliani had acted on yesterday to meet with the Economic Development Council of Florida’s Space Coast.

This is coming on the heals of Giuliani's pledge at this meeting that he would support (aka fund) a robust manned exploration program.

Mitt needs to compete with Giuliani in Florida, where Giuliani is has been putting all of his energy (and money) lately. If Mitt wants to be competitive, let him know that he has to match or beat Giuliani pledge to support spaceflight.

Email Romney and call him at (857) 288-6400. Send him a fax and reiterate it.

Tell him how important it is that he has accepted the invitation of the EDC and tell him that he better deliver a pledge worth of your vote after his meeting Monday (even of you don't live in Florida.)

Clinton, Edwards, Huckabee, McCain, and Edwards all have not agreed to meet with the EDC. Use the links on this page and contact them to tell them that they need to step up. Tell them what Giuliani and Romney are doing. Tell them that they need to accept the invitation from the EDC and publicize a clear supportive space policy.

Word is that Huckabee is on the edge, so be sure to hit him with your message.

Don't let up!


JackKennedy said...

Keep-up the political effort to get all the presidential candidates, Democratic and Republican alike, with solid pro-space policy papers that chart the course.

While some argue about the importance of presidential leadership in space, I believe it important and many of the failed candidates will be returning to the Congress. This is a unique opportunity.

- Jack

John Benac said...

Absolutely. This week in Florida will serve to galvanize the space community as an active and vocal group willing and able to tell presidential candidates, congressional candidates, and congressmen that they need to support the spaceflight initiatives of this nation.

This support for the initiatives will not come at the expense of each other, but rather to compliment each other. It starts by the internet space community sending a message to the candidates in Florida and at the debates this week!