Friday, February 1, 2008

Candidates Dispersing to Super Tuesday States: More Opportunities to Contact Them

From the Ticker

Hillary Clinton is in California. She attends "Solutions for America" town halls in San Diego and San Francisco, followed by a “Low-Dollar Fundraiser,” also in San Francisco.

Mike Huckabee starts the day in Oklahoma, where he attends a rally and media availability in Oklahoma City and a media availability in Tulsa. He also attends rallies in northwest Arkansas and Springfield, Missouri, followed by a media availability in Springfield.

John McCain attends campaign rallies in Chesterfield, Missouri and Villa Park, followed by a media availability in Villa Park.

Barack Obama holds an economic roundtable in Albuquerque, New Mexico and a rally in Santa Fe.

Ron Paul holds a meet and greet and media availability in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and a press availability and rally in Denver.

Mitt Romney holds a "Change Begins With Us" tour stop and media availability in Thornton, Colorado.

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