Tuesday, February 19, 2008

COTS Award to Orbital Sciences

NASA has selected Orbital Sciences as a winner of a $170 Million contract to provide commercial cargo and crew transportation to the space station. The announcement was made this afternoon.

Some significant details regarding this win include:

  • Launch would likely not be from Florida, but Virginia, which has many perturbed
  • NASA will invest $170 million
  • Orbital will build a maneuvering spacecraft called Cygnus
  • Orbital will build a Taurus II rocket to launch the Cygnus and modular pressurized and unpressurized cargo

Contact your congressman to call their attention to this historically significant event and urge them to provide more funding to the COTS program.

1 comment:

JackKennedy said...

But a lunch from Virginia, America's oldest spaceport, would have many celebrating since then there would be at least two commercial spaceport on the East Coast.

Wallops could launch to the station and provide importan redundacy to the commercial launch program.

Virginia and Florida need to be working together - not against one anther.