Friday, February 8, 2008

Obama, Clinton face off in Houston

The Houston Chronicle reports that Obama has accepted the invitation to debate in Houston with Clinton.

Tim Russert and Brian Williams "have promised to moderate the debate the Greater Houston Partnership has been trying to organize in Houston. NBC's cable network MSNBC has committed to airing the Houston forum. 'We're committing to the concept of doing a debate in Texas before the primary,' said Josh Earnest, a spokesman for the Obama campaign."

As Houston is the home of the Johnson Space Center, the debate might contain questions concerning their human space policy.

Email Tim Russert and Brian Williams at MSNBC and tell them not to drop the ball like politico and CNN did in their Los Angeles debates. Tell them to ask Barack and Hillary about their contradicting space policies, rather than simply ask them to restate the positions that they already have in common.

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