Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SpaceX Passes Design Review

SpaceX has completed a preliminary design review for using its' Dragon space capsule for use on the international space station. If SpaceX can close the Shuttle/Orion gap, it will have a profound and game changing impact on space exploration in America. Dragon will accomplish what Orion is suppose to do, but it will have done it faster and cheaper than Orion. It will mean that we do not have to purchase services from the Russians or the Europeans, it will enable Bigelow Aerospace to populate their space stations, and it could enable as yet unimagined orbital endeavors.

SpaceX is participating in NASAs COTS program, which initially awarded half a billion dollars to private companies to develop these capabilities. Contact your congressmen and tell them that COTS is a fantastic program and it should be expanded.

Email, Fax, Call, and Visit your Congressmen to tell them that this is a good program. Tell them to give NASA more money to fund this program or programs like it.

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